Welcome to the Structural Learning group website

Established by Professor Vladimir Spokoiny in 2016, the Structural Learning group brought together a group of like-minded researchers and students working in probability, statistics, and optimization.

The use of statistical methods for analyzing data has become common practice in virtually all scientific disciplines. We deal with many branches of modern statistics and optimization. Our group consists of people fascinated about applications, such as community detection in networks, high-dimensional probability techniques in data analysis, as well as people interested in academic research.

The main purpose of our activity is to enable ambitious students to develop their interests. More information about our research can be found on Projects page. Some of the topics therein can be taken by master and PhD students. We strongly believe in the idea of a joint study by meetings, workshops, lectures and team projects.

You are welcome to contact any of the group Members.
For general questions, please contact mail@strlearn.ru.

Telegram channel of the group https://t.me/strlearn.