Statistical Learning Theory master program

Programme Overview

Our courses

Advanced Statistical Methods

Course taught in Spring 2011-2016 at Independent University of Moscow, Phystech, HSE and Skoltech.

Instructor: Vladimir Spokoiny.

Applied Statistics

Course taught in Fall 2011-2017 at Phystech and in Fall 2016 at HSE.

Instructors: Maxim Panov and Yermek Kapushev.

Introduction to Data Science

Course taught in Spring 2015-2017 at Phystech and in Fall 2016-2017 at Skoltech.

Instructors: Mikhail Belyaev and Maxim Panov.

Random Matrix Theory (in Russian)

Course at Master’s program “Mathematical Methods of Optimization and Stochastics”, HSE.

Instructors: Alexey Naumov, Leonid Iosipoi.

Modern Methods of Data Analysis: Stochastic Calculus

Course at Master’s program “Statistical learning theory”, HSE-Skoltech.

Instructors: Denis Belomestny, Alexey Naumov.