The Statistical Learning Theory is a joint MSc program of Higher School of Economics (HSE) and Skoltech. This program stands at the crossroads of various disciplines of modern mathematics and computer science, including statistics, optimization, learning theory, information theory, complexity theory, as well as at the intersection of science and innovation in the field of modern information technology. Leading experts at HSE and Skoltech jointly provide instruction in this unique research-driven program.

Academic advisor: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Spokoiny

Awarded degree: MS in applied mathematics and informatics (HSE) and MS in mathematics and computer science (Skoltech)

Language: English

Practical information: you have to apply separately to Skoltech and HSE. 

  • Skoltech: The admission process includes several steps: 1. Online test 2. English exam on site (or you can present a valid TOEFL certificate), math exam and an interview.
  • HSE: Portfolio (based on the results of Skoltech admission)

Further information is available on HSE website and Skoltech website.

Deadline for application:  Skoltech: applications are accepted until June 16, 2018, inclusive.


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